About us

“It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you down. It’s the pebble in your shoe.”
                                                     ----- Muhammad Ali -----


When you spend a lot of time outdoors, on the job, or in the fields, you know one of the biggest nuisances is getting stuff in your boots. CUFFSOX™ boot socks patented construction, developed by a Builder, Jules Sghiatti, because he was frustrated by the everyday annoyances that regular boot socks inflicted on his workday.

Jules Sghiatti has been an entrepreneur in the building industry for over 30 years. During the workday, he was always annoyed with his socks slipping into his boots so he wore very long tube socks that he could manipulate to form a cuff over the top of his boot. One day after work, he was sitting down on a bench removing his boots and socks when his sister-in-law noticed the strange sock configuration, and asked him why he did it that. He explained to her that it helped to keep his socks from slipping down into his boots all day and most of all, is a great way to keep debris from falling into his boots while on the jobsite. The socks also keep the laces tied and safely concealed. She suggested that he should market a sock like that. After some thought and research into the design of the sock, Jules found a local manufacturer to help develop the first prototype.

Jules developed his sock and obtained a patent that covers the utility of the sock and the method of manufacturing. Jules decided to market his boot socks – a sock like no other on the market. After interviewing several manufacturers, Jules decided to work with Mayo Knitting Mills in North Carolina because of their proven history as a leading manufacturer in today’s hosiery market. CUFFSOX is ”Made in America.” 


CUFFSOX™ introduces new ultimate boot socks with patented built-in cuffs that will revolutionalize traditional boot socks for today’s workforce. Made in the USA.